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Entrepreneurship, not just for business classes

1:14 PM  Feb 2nd, 2006
by Matthew Dewald

Approximately 20 students of various majors gathered at Kennedy Union last weekend for a two-day retreat, “Entrepreneurship: A new way of thinking.”

Alumni and business leaders came too. Al Sicard ’93 talked about running his own insurance business, and Wes Philpot ’77 shared his experiences in the nonprofit sector. Participants discussed credit, personal finances and family businesses during other presentations, roundtables and dinner.

The retreat, hosted by the office of diverse student populations, was part of U.P.L.I.F.T., a program serving male African-American students. “Entrepreneurship” helped address the two biggest reasons African-American students leave UD without graduating: finances and campus climate. Speakers not only offered financial advice and possible internships, they also “gave students a chance to partner with black alums who can show that UD thinks it’s important for them to be here as a valuable part of this community,” said Joel Buckner, coordinator of African-American student services.

Students lingered in the Barrett dining room long after the last speaker Saturday night. “I had to kick them out,” said Buckner, clearly pleased.

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