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Students, alumni and a weekend

12:33 PM  Feb 16th, 2006
by Matthew Dewald

An obvious observation: Alumni were students; students will be alumni. The distinction is one of time as much as anything.

At Reunion Weekend last year, alumni from the 50s and 60s grabbed incoming Student Government Association president Andrew Navolio to sing the UD fight song with them.

He didn’t know the words.

The alumni taught him.

“That’s the kind of thing that can tie us all together,” he told a room of alumni, students, faculty and staff over dinner in the Kennedy Union ballroom on Saturday. It was the first night of the first-ever Alumni Winter Weekend, an event dreamed up, petitioned for and then planned by students who wanted to bring alumni back to campus, have some fun together and maybe even learn a little more about the UD community.

They pulled off an entire weekend of events, including dinner, a basketball tournament, a post-game reception and a Sunday pancake breakfast. Despite promoting the event for just a month, they drew nearly 200 alumni and 80 students.

That night at dinner, and just about everywhere he spoke over the weekend, Navolio was already talking about next year.

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