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‘Everything you own in a box to the left’

3:56 PM  Apr 6th, 2011
by Maggie Malach '11

Remember looking for a place to leave your mini-fridge when you went home for the summer? Those days when you couldn’t bring your couch home because it wouldn’t fit in your car?

Flyer Enterprises has the solution for UD students looking to stash their stuff over the summer.

This week Flyer Enterprises launched its latest division, FE Storage. The pilot program allows up to 100 students to store personal belongings at Mayberry’s Van & Storage, Inc.

Students can choose between two different sized boxes, as well as purchase storage space in the facility.

What about students who don’t have a car on campus?

The week before exams students will drop off their items by the former Rudy’s Fly-Buy on Stonemill, and they will pick them up at the same location in August.

“The best thing from the student perspective is it is more convenient and it’s priced competitively so you don’t have to go in with 10 other people, “ said Joe Guy, the former CEO of Flyer Enterprises.

The launch of FE Storage marks the ninth Flyer Enterprises business venture in 10 years, helping the organization to maintain its status at the fastest-growing student business in the nation.

Guy said that with diminishing free space on campus, Flyer Enterprises is looking into developing service-based divisions.

“Storage is the first step in that direction,” said Guy. “We see a lot of opportunity.”

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