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Christmas on Campus Kick off_61

Holiday happiness

2:58 PM  Nov 13th, 2012
by Mickey Shuey '14

Before getting in line at Kennedy Union’s Central Mall Nov. 7, a pair of female students anxiously talked about their options.

“We could get a second-grader,” one said eagerly.

“No, let’s see if we can get a first-grade girl,” responded the other. “They’re so precious!”

With Christmas on Campus only a month away, these students — like many at UD — were excited about their opportunity to adopt a child for the night. The only problem: about 50 people stood between them and the table where they’d eventually sign up.

“We had a lot of people in the morning,” said middle childhood education major Kristi Schumacher ’13. “It’s been a great turnout.”

In a matter of weeks, more than 1,400 first- and second-grade children will step off a school bus and run into the arms of their awaiting college-age guardians.

For many UD students, the chance to adopt a kid for Christmas on Campus is a way of giving back to the Dayton community. Likewise, the pint-sized children often wear a smile throughout the hours they and their “big” spend with one another.

“I remember one person from my freshman year … they got their child one of those [toy] cars that you can sit in and drive around,” recalled Schumacher, a member of the event’s public relations team. “All the kids loved it.”

A small act of giving is encouraged, as it reflects the value found in putting others first.

According to a Tweet sent out Wednesday afternoon, the committee “ran out of kids at 2:20 [p.m.].” It was another successful moment in the 49-year history of the celebration.

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