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My Old House: 57 Woodland

3:23 PM  Jun 7th, 2013
by Meredith Hirt ’13

During the 2002-03 school year, the six women of 57 Woodland slept outside, made a hot tub out of a baby pool and ate a lot of raisins.

“We had a huge bag of raisins, it must have been 20 pounds,” said Angela Crist ’03.

“I have no idea where it came from. It was absurd.” Crist and her five roommates added the bag to their communal groceries. “For the most part we shared everything that year,” Crist said. “It was really kind of special that way.”

57 Woodland is a campus ministry house, and Crist said the women “made
a point to be intentional about community.”

They had daily morning prayer and frequent dinners when they invited over another house on the street to “eat crappy spaghetti together. We got to know a lot of people,” Crist said.

The best part of the house was its three porches. The second-floor balcony, nicknamed “the treehouse,” was the stage for sleeping-bag campouts. The front porch was used to watch people on Woodland try to navigate tiny parallel parking spaces. Crist said they gave out high fives when particularly difficult spots were conquered.

One housemate refused to carry her house key. One time, she hid the key under a pumpkin on the front porch. Crist said, “I’ll never forget the day I was walking home from class and I got home and a squirrel had eaten the pumpkin and the
key was just sitting there.”

The women had a compost pile in the backyard, until it mysteriously disappeared one day. “We prayed for the compost pile at morning prayer,” Crist said. Crist said one of the things she misses about college is when she didn’t want to do anything, she could just find someone and hang out on the bed and talk. “That was a great year; we loved living on the Darkside.”

Take a visit through the house with today’s residents by clicking here.

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