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Photo by Ian Moran '15

Up all night

10:13 AM  Dec 10th, 2013
by Ian Moran '15

Campus at night is a different place.

People move with more meaning, not because they have to, but because they want to

hang out
or just be up all night. Like me.

I captured these photos between sundown and sunrise over three months this fall. Shooting in low light at night makes scenes a little spooky and a lot more alive. Generations of student photographers have captured the people change the campus change.

But the way the night works on campus stays the same — it is for the students.

View more images.

And download the Up All Night compilation of music from students recorded at ArtStreet and released through Thursday Night Live.

This is where I spent most nights as a freshman and sophomore. Learning the chemical processes of photography helped me improve my craft, but I crave the instant gratification of digital, especially when working in low-light situations. Photo by Ian Moran '15.Expect midnight heroics on Stuart Field when the softball intramural championship is on the line. Photo by Ian Moran '15.It’s so late, it’s early. The Fighting Flyers Battalion trains before sunrise in Central Mall despite the pouring rain. Photo by Ian Moran '15.Always full, this McGinnis Mass takes on an especially solemn tone, mourning the loss of law student Matthew Corning. Photo by Ian Moran '15.Nighttime is laundry time for senior Ashlee Sleet at the McGinnis Center. Photo by Ian Moran '15.Seniors Erin Peery and John Giltner find a quiet window seat for studying (and Facebooking) in the McGinnis Center. Photo by Ian Moran '15.Pull up a carpet and make yourself at home on the seventh floor of Marycrest. Photo by Ian Moran '15.Individual rosaries, communal prayer and universal mysteries at the Marianist Student Community at 305 Kiefaber St. Photo by Ian Moran '15.Those tuning into “Tuesday Night Trouble with Tara and Ellen” on WUDR hear embarrassing stories, random music and an occasional burst bubble. Photo by Ian Moran '15.When the day’s crowds are gone, the weightlifters focus on form over load. Photo by Ian Moran '15.White noise from the whir of the machines competes with the music over the loudspeakers at RecPlex. Photo by Ian Moran '15.Volleyball intramurals teams Set to Kill and Notorious D.I.G. play for cotton glory in RecPlex. Photo by Ian Moran '15.All play and no work means no smoothies. And we need smoothies. Thanks, Flyer Enterprises, for keeping The Chill open late. Photo by Ian Moran '15.It’s so quiet in Roesch Library that every shutter snap distracts the studiers. Shhh. Photo by Ian Moran '15.Any leftovers for the photographer? International and American students share culture through food during the Breaking Bread potluck. Photo by Ian Moran '15.In the spotlight at ArtStreet’s Thursday Night Live are the talented women of Sigma Alpha Iota, the music sorority. Photo by Ian Moran '15. NIGHTBEATS Hear student performances through a free album download from UD Magazine at udquickly.udayton.edu/upallnight. Thanks to ArtStreet, ArtStreet Café, Street Sounds and WUDR.At least it’s not raining (fire drill at Marycrest). Photo by Ian Moran '15.IMG_5077Members of the World Music Choir lift their voices to remember the start of the Holocaust during a Kristallnacht vigil in Immaculate Conception Chapel. Photo by Ian Moran '15.It’s always dark as night in the new black box theater in College Park Center, where students rehearse Farragut North. Photo by Ian Moran '15.The games may be fiction, but the money is real. The Fantasy and Science Fiction Appreciation Club raises $517.16 for Dayton Children’s Hospital during Gaming for a Cause in The Hangar. Photo by Ian Moran '15.It must be fall — chili, cornbread casserole and just-picked apples in pie are shared around the table at 340 Stonemill Road. Photo by Ian Moran '15.

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