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drenched uniforms

Drenched Uniforms and Battered Badges: How Dayton Police Emerged from the 1913 Flood

10:32 AM  Mar 17th, 2014
by Emma Jensen '16

A book by Stephen Grismer ’84

Retired Sgt. Stephen Grismer, a 25-year veteran of the Dayton Police Department, wanted to give a voice to the policemen and women who worked to keep Dayton safe during the Great Flood of 1913. Volunteering to help put together an exhibit in Carillon Park, he quickly realized what little information was available about these unsung heroes. “At that time, newspapers were the only way information traveled; so, I spent a lot of time researching news articles released during the flood and interviewing family members of police officers from 1913 for their stories.”

2 Responses to Drenched Uniforms and Battered Badges: How Dayton Police Emerged from the 1913 Flood

  1. Dave says:

    It’s a really good read…

  2. Dan says:

    The book tells of a city and people overcome by by seemingly insurmountable tragedy. In 1913 people lacked communication and emergency management yet they pulled together. The Dayton Police officers were not only flood victims but they had to stay on scene, at their own peril and led hundreds of rescues. The selfless courage is indeed a story that needed to be told. Remarkable photos. Kudos to the author.

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