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Anatomy of a Class Note ’89

9:07 AM  Mar 25th, 2016
by Shelby Quinlivan '06

Daniel P. Murdock Sr. (EDU) and Terri Corwin Murdock (PSY), live in Avon Lake, Ohio. They have four children — two in college, Dan Jr. and Jessica, a junior at UD, and two in high school, Emma and Elizabeth. Daniel has been in education for 1) 27 years, including an 2) adjunct position at UD and an assistant to the superintendent as 3) director of pupil services and special education at Avon Lake City School district, a state and nationally ranked school district. A 4)  lifetime student, he has amassed five degrees during 13 years.

1) During Daniel’s 27-year career, many things have changed. “Textbooks are now digitized and students bring in their own electronic devices to be used throughout their school day. The pendulum has swung from the teacher-led classroom to a more student-driven, interactive learning environment.”

2) During his time at UD, Daniel perfected his billiard skills while supervisor of the Kennedy Union games room. He went on to become a national collegiate champion and was the founder of the UD Billiards Club and adjunct teacher for a billiards class — writing the first instructional textbook used in the course.

3) As director of pupil services and special education, Daniel said he is “continually challenged with maintaining the excellence of our special programming. Being an effective educational leader requires hard work to lead and inspire people. District administrators need to have the self-assurance to sometimes stand alone, the courage to make difficult decisions, and the compassion to attend to the needs of others.”

4) Growing up, Daniel worked closely with his younger brother, who is cognitively disabled. That inspired Murdock to become a lifetime student with degrees in teacher education, special education and educational administration, plus doctorates in educational leadership and special education administration. “My advice to current UD students is to focus on a field of study that not only is appealing to you but one that will lead to a career that contributes to society and benefits others. Never settle and always continue learning — in and outside of the classroom.”

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