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A Selfie a Day Makes the Memories Stay

10:49 AM  Jul 28th, 2016
by Karina Cabrera '18

Senior year at UD can be a bittersweet time. You have one academic school year left to be a college student. The real world is so close, yet feels so far away. It only makes sense to cherish every moment in the best way possible. Senior Ashley Paulus took advantage of our generation’s favorite activity, taking selfies, to create a video slideshow of over 180 pictures and videos of various moments during her senior year.

What started out as a job opportunity from the UD Media Production Group became a year-long reflective experience for Paulus.

“It was a really cool experience,” Paulus said. “I never realized how many moments I took for granted in the present, until after I took a selfie and realized how special that moment truly was. When I look back at these selfies I think of how much fun I had at that place with those people. They are memories that I will never forget.”

Selfie SeniorFrom move-in day to basketball games to graduation day, Paulus documented it all. Paulus said that the hardest part about this project was remembering to take a selfie every single day. “I would remember to take them at the most random times during a normal day. I would be sitting in my room after a shower and remember to take one. If I didn’t take one at the time, then I knew I would forget to take one. So the majority of my selfies are of me doing mundane activities like sitting at my desk. But that didn’t change the value of the moment.”

After Paulus submitted her selfies, the department edited the pictures and videos and put together a slideshow. Check out Paulus’ senior year by clicking the video above or link here.

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