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Asian depictions of Mary, the mother of Christ

2:23 PM  Aug 31st, 2017
by Anna Lagattuta ’19

This summer, the Marian Library sponsored a special exhibit portraying pieces of artwork honoring Mary, the mother of Christ, from various Asian perspectives.

The exhibit Ex Orient Lux’: Marian Art of Asia features pieces from China, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Korea. The exhibit includes paintings, sculptures, and nativity scenes, each one crafted in a unique, cultural style.

Michele Devitt, curatorial assistant and volunteer, helps manage the library’s exhibits and says she finds this particular one unique.

“The artwork to me is a lot of clean lines…it’s simple; you can stare at it and see a lot of things, but it’s not too overwhelming. Some art is overwhelming. I think [the art in this exhibit] is very digestable,” she said.

Devitt describes how although each piece is a representation of Mother Mary, it represents her in different ways — as a figure who serves multiple purposes to humanity.

“Some people will see Mary as a queen. Others will see Mary as the common woman, and some would see her as more of a god; someone that they pray to and rely on. I think part of it is our personal need — if we need to relate to somebody as more of a friend, versus somebody who is going to be our source of strength,” she said.

The exhibit has been open to the public since June 26 and is closing Sept. 18.

The Marian Library is open from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

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