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Blenders, confetti and getting involved

8:41 AM  Aug 30th, 2017
by Anna Lagattuta ’19

The Central Mall came back to life Friday, Aug. 25, as students filled the center of campus for the annual Up the Orgs event.

The event gives students the opportunity to both promote and sign up for University clubs as the academic year begins.

Tri-fold posters decked out with photographs, neon announcements and confetti bordered the walkways up and down the sidewalks where many gathered.

As attendees approached the center of campus, students were greeted with a frenzy of activity. Blenders buzzed at the sustainability booth, with students mixing fresh fruit and juices into smoothies. Pop Tabs for Charity rattled their jar of collected metal tabs, and a line of people waiting for a free Red Scare fanny-pack snaked its way through the crowd.

Some organizations present such as Sustainability Club, UD Miracle or Outdoor Adventure Club, are already well-established and well-known.

Others, like Solar Power Club, are relatively new to campus, and members utilized Up the Orgs as a way of promoting their organization.

“Our goal is to implement solar panels in organizations throughout the Dayton area. We want to encourage people to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle,” Grace Berton, a fifth-year student and member of the Solar Power Club, said.

The founders of another new organization, the African Student Association, are excited to kick off their club’s very first year on campus. ASA plans to celebrate African culture and heritage through music, food, dance, and socialization.

“What we really want to do is create a community within a community,” Eromogbai Omoijuanfo, one of the executive members of ASA, said.

Up the Orgs attracted numerous UD students, particularly first- and second-years eager to see what alternative activities campus has to offer.

“I was looking for clubs that I could get involved in [which] are unrelated to my major, and I was surprised by the number of different clubs UD has,” Maggie Feder, a first-year music education major, said.

Friday’s turnout was notable with freshly energized upperclass students and an ambitious new group of first-years, hinting that UD’s student organizations will be bustling with activity this year.

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