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Tasty opportunity

11:36 AM  Oct 6th, 2017
by Cari Zahn ’18

Since November 2015, senior Adrienne Mauri has been feeding the Marianist brothers of 100 Chambers St.

As a dietetics major, Mauri has learned about food quantities, temperature and safety. As a cook, she has learned to navigate the extensive spice rack at the brothers’ home.

“Cooking was just a big part of my childhood and something that, in my family, we would do together,” Mauri said.

Three to four times a week, Mauri visits the Marianist brothers to prepare dinner for them. She puts together a protein, a vegetable, a starch and a side salad for their meal. Her planning process sometimes includes recipes she’s pulled from Pinterest, while other times she said she just “wings it” with whatever the brothers have in the kitchen.

Despite the experience she’s had with cooking, Mauri was hesitant to take the position as she had never cooked for so many people before. Depending on who is living in the house at the time and whether or not they have company, Mauri may cook for anywhere from three to 15 people.

“I just want to make sure that they’re all happy and that every-body’s needs are being met,” Mauri said.

The house on Chambers represents different cultures, including brothers from places like India and Haiti, which also teaches her to formulate a more inclusive menu. The brothers, she said, are always gracious and receptive.

“She does a very good job with spaghetti and meatballs,” said Brother Bob Hughes, S.M. “She makes her own sauces to go with chicken. They’re always different and very good.”

Mauri said she’s glad she took a leap and accepted the responsibility because she loves her time spent in the kitchen.

“It’s been really relaxing for me,” Mauri said. “It’s like a type of therapy. I truly believe that food and cooking are an art form. It’s a way to relieve stress.”

The experience has made her consider incorporating cooking skills in her future career. Her ultimate dream is to own a healthy restaurant.

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