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NowReadSeeHear This: Larry’s Healthy 21 Day Food Guide

2:31 PM  Feb 28th, 2018
by Gita Balakrishnan

A book by Larry Campanella ’78

With more than 40 years of experience in the fitness field, Larry Campanella published his first food guide in November 2016.  Larry’s Healthy 21 Day Food Guide helps those interested in bodybuilding, losing weight or simply eating healthy,
planned-out meals. The book also includes gluten-free recipes. Campanella said, “My major philosophy is that portion control is the key to success, as well as a nutritionally balanced healthy diet.” Fifty percent of book sales go directly to Elijah’s Food Kitchen, a food bank in Campanella’s hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Flyers are invited to contact the author at fitnessguy2@aol.com.

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