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ReadSeeHear This: A Case for Kindness

9:43 AM  Mar 5th, 2018
by Gita Balakrishnan

A book by Lisa Barrickman ’96

When Lisa Barrickman started to think about her 40th birthday, she was thankful for the years she had lived and wanted her celebration to be a reflection of that gratitude by practicing 40 days of intentional kindness leading up to her birthday. She left a basket of toys at a park or taped a baggie of coins to a parking meter. Once others heard about her kindness journey, they were excited, too. Many joined her, and together they scattered more than 20,000 acts of kindness. Her book, A Case for Kindness, will be released June 27, 2017, and gives readers practical ways to spread kindness in the world. “The great thing about kindness is that we never know where our good deeds end,” she says.

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