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Sky’s the limit

10:24 AM  Oct 18th, 2005
by Jessica Gibson-James

Last Thursday, it was “class in the grass” for Engineering 101 students in adjunct associate professor John Doty’s class.
Well, more like “class in the sky.” Students brought in their homework — rockets fashioned from pop bottles — and competed to see whose rocket would launch the highest. It was a lesson in the relationships between pressure, mass and momentum. But the ultimate goal of the lesson? “Fun,” Doty said.

Fun was also the point of a retrofitted remote control car project, in which student teams swapped bodies, wheels and gears to gain the greatest speed, agility and projectile momentum — which required students to don safety glasses for the final competition.
Back on the launch pad, Tom Wiersma, an undeclared engineering major, came in second with his Christmas-colored rocket, achieved with two empty Sprite bottles and red duct tape.

“We learned Newton’s law and had fun,” he said. “Plus we got to drink lots of pop.”

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Disco madness

10:10 AM  Oct 17th, 2005
by Matthew Dewald

Two things were obvious this past Friday night: One, basketball is here. Well, almost. Two, Brian Gregory has been keeping his dance moves under wraps for far too long. The season kicked off Friday with a ’70s disco party in the old Fieldhouse. It was “Flyer Madness Disco Ball,” and the players did not disappoint.

They emerged on court in every conceivable kind of pop-culture shorthand for the ’70s: disco mamas, purple velvet-clad hipsters, Kung Fu fighters, you name it. Women’s coach Jim Jabir wore his best James Brown outfit, complete with cape and wig. And men’s coach Brian Gregory? Well, he has to be seen to be believed (see a Quicktime video highlight of the evening here). After changing, players re-emerged for a 3-point shooting contest and a dunk contest. (For winners, more details and photos from the UD athletics department, click here.) The annual intrasquad Red and Blue game is this Saturday, Oct. 22, at 10 a.m. in UD Arena, and it ends an hour before the football team kicks off against Valpo next door at Welcome Stadium.

Go Flyers.

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