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The Dayton Lawyer is published in cooperation with the School of Law and the Office of University Communications. Select stories are republished on this site. To view the entire publication, please download the PDF below.

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  • Printmaking studio in Fitz Hall by Zoey Xia
  • 101609RecPlex
  • Door frame repair by Larry Burgess
  • cowbird snapshot
  • 051006survey
  • sunset over the College Park Center
  • Bird on nest by Larry Burgess
  • robin eating berries
  • 031009little
  • cat on a porch by Larry Burgess
  • construction science center windows by Larry Burgess
  • Construction of a new house in the 400 block of Lowes by Larry Burgess
  • Snow melting on Baujan FIeld by Larry Burgess
  • Residential properties student workers move furniture by Larry Burgess
  • DSC_8857 copy copy
  • brachiopod fossil in ku stone wall by Larry Burgess
  • Batman rides on campus on a Link bike by Larry Burgess
  • court floor