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The Dayton Lawyer is published in cooperation with the School of Law and the Office of University Communications. Select stories are republished on this site. To view the entire publication, please download the PDF below.

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  • Studetns play kan jam by Larry Burgess
  • Staining a bench by Founders Hall by Larry Burgess
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  • Creating art from with tech by Larry Burgess
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  • fr fitz blesses chaminade statue in spring by Larry Burgess
  • 010809snowb
  • Summer volleyball by Larry Burgess
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  • salad days
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  • Sheet sign for Betapocalypse by Larry Burgess
  • umbrellas, raindrops and plant leaves
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  • Poster sale outside UD Bookstore by Larry Burgess
  • Loading supplies for a retreat by Larry Burgess
  • mechanical engineering students in innovation center by Larry Burgess