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Students watch a screening of the film, "Sun Come Up."

Stewardship in Sears

1:56 PM  Feb 22nd, 2013
by Kaitlyn Ridel '13

Students sat in Sears Recital Hall in deafening silence as they watched Carteret Islanders travel across the South Pacific to Bougainville Island and beg the native people there for land.

Stewardship was the theme Wednesday evening as a group of students and faculty joined together to watch a screening of Sun Come Up, an Academy Award-nominated documentary about the rising sea level.

The film features the Carteret Islanders, a group of people in the Papua New Guinea islands, as they search for new land. The Carteret must find shelter on foreign land in neighboring islands because the seawater is rising too high and flooding their island.

The audience was captivated by how climate change could displace a whole group of people and how the rising seawater could sink an island.

“I didn’t know it [climate change] affected people in such an extreme way,” said Michael Best, a freshman accounting major.

The film concluded with a panel discussion about global warming and vegetarian refreshments for all the attendees.

“I thought the movie was very touching and really illustrated the human cost of global warming,” said Alan Pilarski, a graduate student in UD’s clean renewable energy program. “I really felt for the people who had to be relocated.”

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