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160427  MOH 124 Evanston  Davis

My Old House: 124 Evanston

12:03 AM  Apr 29th, 2016
by Lexie Digby '15

The newly renovated exterior of the three-bedroom, one-bathroom house built in 1909 has a mystery tomato plant in the spacious backyard, small doors that turn moving into a game of Tetris, and is filled with six junior residents who say that although they spend a decent amount of time cooking, Jimmy John’s drivers are their most frequent visitors.

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My Old House: 228 College Park

9:52 AM  Apr 26th, 2016
by Courtney Mocklow '17

228 College Park, conveniently close to both campus and Brown Street, boasts a bright blue exterior and a well-kept front lawn.

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My Old House: 339 Stonemill

2:16 PM  Mar 10th, 2016
by Grace Poppe '16

The residents of 339 Stonemill Road met during their first year, from both the rowing club and their shared floor in Marycrest. They grew closer during their second year in Virgina W. Kettering Residence Hall and their third year in Gardens next to Campus South—where they enjoyed wizarding-themed games and honing their cooking skills. Their senior year, they joked that they “just kinda picked up” their last housemate, though they have known him well for two years. All of the roommates are in the engineering school and plan to graduate in May 2017.

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160302  MOH Woodland 101  Davis

My Old House: 101 Woodland

11:21 AM  Mar 8th, 2016
by Sarah Spech '16 Photos by Kristin Davis '18

101 Woodland has 6 girls, 3 bedrooms, 2 refrigerators, and a whole lot of heart.

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Two of the five residents of 308 Kiefaber just moved in after spending a semester abroad. So while the house is still developing it’s own traditions, the four juniors and one senior have wasted no time making the place feel like home.

My Old House: 308 Kiefaber St.

12:56 PM  Feb 10th, 2016
by Lexie Digby '15

Two of the five residents of 308 Kiefaber just moved in after spending a semester abroad. So while the house is still developing it’s own traditions, the four juniors and one senior have wasted no time making the place feel like home.


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58 Woodland

My Old House: 58 Woodland Ave.

12:16 PM  Feb 10th, 2016
by Caroline McCormack '16

The 6 women living at 58 Woodland enjoy their newly renovated house. The women, though all have different personalities, come together under one room to enjoy UD’s North student neighborhood and, occasionally, reality TV.

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My Old House: 204 Lawnview Ave.

1:25 PM  Dec 10th, 2015
by Ryan Wilker '16

Despite having to keep their windows open during a cold winter week, the residents of 204 Lawnview really enjoyed their time living in the student neighborhood, said Kathie Coates Buono ’83.

After not having any luck as sophomores through the housing assignment system, the roommates decided to pursue other options heading into their junior year. This led them to 204 Lawnview.

“We were the first students to live in the house,” Buono said.

The couple who lived in the house before them were UD graduates and had decided to move into another home but still wanted to keep the first house. This allowed Buono and her roommates to rent it.

“We loved the house because it had a great porch,” Buono said, noting that on the first Wednesday of each semester, she and her roommates would host a “Wild and Wonderful Wednesday” porch party.

The house also featured a garage, which Buono said was very unusual at the time. Also unusual was the housemates’ response to a mishap. One winter, smoke filled the house thanks to a distracted visitor whose cigarette got a bit too close to some pillows, causing them to smolder. The residents were forced to keep their windows open an entire week to air out the house. To stay warm, the roommates gathered around desk lamps in their rooms.

Although the winter months were cold, the residents decided to stay in the house for their senior year.

“UD is all about the people,” Buono said. “We had a lot of fun. The sense of community and being able to live in an area with so many students; we were always over at each other’s houses. We loved it. We didn’t talk about moving at all.”

Take a tour of this house with today’s residents.

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517 Irving Ave.

My Old House: 517 Irving Ave.

4:39 PM  Nov 16th, 2015
by Sarah Spech '16

After living on the same floor in Marycrest their first year, these five juniors have been roommates ever since. They’ve been enjoying their first semester living in a house in the south student neighborhood, and look forward to all the memories yet to be made.


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The residents of 457 Lowes are six students enjoying their time living in the student neighborhood.

My Old House: 457 Lowes St.

9:36 AM  Sep 30th, 2015
by Ryan Wilker '16

Their refrigerator door doesn’t fully open, but these residents say the tradeoff — single bedrooms and close-knit friendships — make up for it. Take a tour and see what makes 457 Lowes so special.

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MOH 47 chambers

My Old House: 47 Chambers St.

3:20 PM  Sep 28th, 2015
by Emily Bensman '16

The pranks began their first year when they still lived in the dorm. They continued in later years at 47 Chambers St.

“I was very fortunate to spend two years [on Chambers] with five wonderful chaps,” said John McDonough ’70. Those roommates were Ted Kanatas, Paul Gagel, Ted Knapke, and twins
Bob and George Hoguet.

They and the other freshmen of University Hall — a men’s dormitory several miles west of campus — were “always hungry for attention,” McDonough said. They got it after creating a large-scale replica of a small airplane and a 90-yard banner that read: “Men of University Hall say Go Flyers, Go!” Before a football game in fall 1966, they ran the banner and plane across the field, preventing the opposing team from takng the field.

The UD police and athletics division weren’t too happy, but the fans loved it, said George Hoguet.

Fast forward to fall 1968. The six men moved into 47 Chambers. The house took “a lot of elbow grease and a little money,” but they fixed it up some, McDonough said. They spent their junior and senior years in that house, where their friendships became stronger. Of course, the pranks continued.

One late Saturday night, the men came back and made enough noise to rouse Knapke, who had to be up early for work. In retaliation, after all in the house were asleep, he blasted a John Philip Sousa record on full volume and marched away, forcing them to get up and go downstairs to shut it off, McDonough said.

The housemates had their fun, but studying always came first and work second. “Each of us was on a mission to graduate in four years and then meet our obligations beyond,” Kanatas said.

The friends still get together often and attended their 45th reunion this summer. “In spite of our enhanced age and the wisdom that accrues with time, our individual personalities have remained intact,” Knapke said.

“It is a joyous time when we get together,” McDonough added. “We banter like it was yesterday and have come to appreciate each other more.”

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