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When the weather is nice, the residents enjoy time on the house’s spacious porch. Since the residents are 5th-year students, many of their friends have graduated. However, the residents host many recent alumni when they come back to visit campus. With two of the residents being engineers, the roommates enjoy building different things to use around the house.

My Old House: 204 Lawnview Ave.

10:38 AM  Apr 18th, 2015
by Ryan Wilker '16

The four residents of 204 Lawnview are fifth-year students completing their final days at the University of Dayton. Take a tour of their house today.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 4.17.00 PM

My Old House: 225 Kiefaber St.

3:20 PM  Mar 20th, 2015
by Erin Callahan '15

through the student neighborhood any time between 1989 and 1992, you could follow the sound of Mötley Crüe blaring from 225 Kiefaber. Once you got there, you could join the residents for a round of golf.

Ron Prasek ’92 found the house his sophomore year with friends he met in Stuart Hall — and he didn’t move out for three years. His sophomore year, Prasek lived with Mike Corcoran ’92, Rick Stempien ’92, Pat Stillwagon ’92, Brett Cuthbert ’92 and Bill Stevenson ’92. Junior year, he lived with Stempien, Stevenson, Leif Hansen ’92 and Bob Byerlein ’92. Senior year, Leif stayed, and Rich Murdy ’92, Scott Eyink ’92, Larry Marshall ’93, Jimmy Miks ’93 and Mark Pollaci ’92 moved in.

Prasek eventually knew the house like the back of his hand. Despite its age and a basement that reminded him of a dungeon, Prasek grew to love it, and the residents gave it a personality all its own.

“We were known for the type of music we played,” Prasek said. “It wasn’t the typical ‘college music’ — it was new wave, hard rock.”

While weekends were usually for letting loose, the guys spent one afternoon of leisure practicing their backswing. They innovatively designed an entire 18-hole golf course scattered across the backyard, through their back door and out to the
front patio.

The residents’ inventiveness came in handy more than once. During one chilly March, they lost power, resulting in no electricity or heat for days. Friends offered their own warm houses, but the Kiefaber crew refused and “did it the college
way,” Prasek said.

“We were sleeping with hats and gloves on; we could see our breath,” he said, “but we ran an extension cord from our house to our neighbors’ so we could watch TV.”

Prasek still keeps in contact with his former roommates and often reminisces with them about the old days of song, sport and shivering.

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306 Stonemill

My Old House: 306 Stonemill

2:19 PM  Feb 23rd, 2015
by Caroline McCormack '16, photos by Zoey Xia

Having the eighth pick in the housing lottery, the four fifth-year students of 306 Stonemill call their house an “Alumni Hotspot,” centered in the middle of the south student neighborhood.

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porch chat 1

My Old House: 413 Kiefaber St.

1:09 PM  Feb 19th, 2015
by CC Hutten '15

It’s a strange feeling to visit a house you once lived in, only to find a fraternity now occupying it. Such a feeling arose in 2004 graduates Katie Guibord, Kristin Oberlander and Rachel Sites Haedt during Reunion Weekend 2014, when what was their 413 Kiefaber St. has since become the Alpha Nu house.

But that’s not to say 413 Kiefaber doesn’t have its peculiarities in 2004.

“It had orange shag carpet with ground-in bubble gum,” they recalled. “It is the same color it was for us, with wood paneling and peeling paint.”

Though often considered a coveted location in the student neighborhood, 11 years ago 413 Kiefaber provided special struggles for its residents.

“The lottery was always a source of anguish, but our group had three people so we got a good spot,” they said. “Our neighbors were nuts. There is a ton of space on the left side of the house, but people always insisted on walking through the small alley on the right, and we could hear everything.”

The ladies of 413 Kiefaber stuck together during their entire University of Dayton experience, so they got through crazy neighbors, each others’ quirks and rumors of a “flasher running around the student neighborhood” their senior year by teasing Kristin for binge-watching “Law & Order” and mothering “ridiculously-named” gerbils.

“It was part of its charm,” they said.

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421 College Park

My Old House: 421 College Park

9:41 AM  Feb 3rd, 2015
by Erin Callahan '15, photos by Jed Gerlach '15

Despite seven different schedules, the residents come together once a week for community dinners and enjoy people-watching out their front window.

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120 evanston 78

My Old House: 120 Evanston

1:40 PM  Dec 19th, 2014
by CC Hutten '15

It was a midwinter snowstorm that truly made 120 Evanston a rock-star house. But first, there was the porch-sit strategy.

Housemates Linda Bowman Kelly ’78 and Kathy Moeder-Christensen ’78 met as cheerleaders for the junior varsity basketball team, while Debbie DeCurtins Townson ’78, Beth Perry Wright ’78 and Barb Haber Hawks ’79 were Flyerettes.

The five moved into 120 Evanston, found by Kelly, in 1976.

“I remember the upstairs consisted of two small bedrooms with bunk beds, one closet-size bedroom and one small bathroom,” Moeder-Christensen said.

With only one bathroom to five girls, Moeder-Christensen said she still wonders how they managed it. Though 120 Evanston is now University-owned, she remembers it as one of the nicest landlord houses to live in off campus. Because
of this, they were “particular” about it; so they made friends with the neighbors when it came to porch-sitting.

“We visited 460 Lowes — a.k.a. ‘The Upper Lowes Gang’ — to sit on their big porch,” she said. “It just so happened that they didn’t mind us visiting. Now, that’s a house with some stories.”

One that Moeder-Christensen and Kelly will never forget is the Blizzard of ’78. Students living on Evanston had to walk to class by maneuvering over a hill and crossing railroad tracks, which no longer exist but at the time were treacherous in
ice storms.

“We had so much snow that winter, and when the big storm hit, classes were cancelled and we spent the day making a huge snowman with our friends on Lowes,” she said. She recalls that 120 Evanston was one of the only houses in the area
that had heat, thanks to their landlord.

“We were nice and toasty while everyone else was freezing,” she said. “[It’s] one of my fondest memories.”

Like many Flyers now in the student neighborhoods, the 120 Evanston women remember their house and neighbors affectionately, and wonder what the houses are like today.

“If walls could talk,” said Moeder-Christensen.

Take a tour of this house with today’s residents.

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My Old House: 1518 Frericks Way

8:59 PM  Nov 21st, 2014
by Michelle Friman '15

From patriotic flags to UD-themed coffee break furniture, the residents of 1518 Frericks know how to make their house a home.

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The residents say that 120 Evanston was recently renovated and painted – so the residents upgraded their sound system as well.

My Old House: 120 Evanston

10:03 AM  Nov 14th, 2014
by CC Hutten '15

The residents of 120 Evanston have wildly different majors and schedules, but they still make time to lose intramural baseball and share midnight snacks together.

Read about the residents who lived there in 1978.

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"We like that our porch sits on a hill. We're the kings of the castle, overlooking the whole street."

My Old House: 434 Lowes St.

9:03 AM  Sep 30th, 2014
by CC Hutten '15

The residents of 434 Lowes celebrate their last semester as the “kings of the castle” living on one of the highest points of Lowes Street.

Read about the residents who lived there in 1989.

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The current residents boast a piece of outdoor furniture not many other students can claim: a porch swing. “It gives our porch some character,” one resident says.

My Old House: 221 Kiefaber St.

9:57 AM  Sep 23rd, 2014
by Tom Corcoran '13, photos by Ian Moran '14

Location and size are the features that attracted this group of seniors to 221 Kiefaber. Take a look inside to see how these six residents are spending their time and making this house into a home.

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