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My Old House: 1514 Brown St.

9:53 AM  Apr 5th, 2018
by Gita Balakrishnan

They may not have had a large porch to gather on, but it didn’t matter.

Living at 1514 Brown St. had a special advantage. And that’s what you could see from the front door.

Tom Fiegl ’86 lived at the home for three years and remembers fondly its convenience to local hangouts.

From our front door, we could walk out and see if there was a line forming at Flanagan’s. This was especially helpful on Thursday nights when it could get really busy there.”

In the other direction on Brown Street, Fiegl said, Milano’s was just a short walk, which made the home “a really central location where everything was easy to get to.”

The home, adorned with big white pillars outside, was unique because it had four separate apartments on the inside. Fiegl and the three roommates he lived with occupied the bottom right apartment.

Because of the setup, Fiegl said that strong friendships were created between separate apartments of the home.

We were able to make some great friends. We’d do all kinds of stuff together. We were friends with all of them,” Fiegl recalled.

But, whenever any of them needed a little privacy, underneath the stairs leading to the upstairs apartment was a small closet with just enough space for someone to sneak away.

“We’d use that space to be able to talk on the phone in private — back when there were no cellphones around,” Fiegl said.

A special memory that stands out was the time Fiegl and the others got their families together the day before graduation for a celebration. Having spent three years together in the home, it was “cool to finally get to see the families of the friends I had gotten to know,” Fiegl said.

And though Fiegl can’t recall anything crazy ever happening during his time at 1514 Brown St., he’s certain of this fact: “We all had a good time together and were good friends back then.”

And, that is all that does matter.

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My Old House: 219 Kiefaber St.

11:24 AM  Jan 2nd, 2018
by Courtney Mocklow '17

219 Kiefaber Street, a modest-sized house with a plain exterior and a well-kept porch, is home to six University of Dayton male undergraduates. The spacious interior, more roomy than the outside view lets on, is adorned with different flags, board games and posters, with a large dining table in one corner and a pillow-strewn couch in another. The first floor, despite being the only part of the house with air conditioning, is where the boys prefer to do their homework and hang out. Even so, each bedroom is generously decorated with enough personal touches to make the house feel much more homey.

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My Old House: 240 Stonemill

4:17 PM  Dec 7th, 2017
by Erin Frey ’18, Photo credit: Sylvia Stahl ’18

The gray duplex at 240 Stonemill sits at the intersection of Frericks and greets UD students on their walk to and from class. The six roommates met freshman year and joined the Social Justice Club where they tutor children in the Dayton area. The house, covered wall to wall in posters and flags, has now become the hub for all members.

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My Old House: 217 Kiefaber

10:48 AM  Oct 6th, 2017
by Writer: Cari Zahn ’18 Photographer: Kristin Davis ’18

Set on one of the University’s most famous streets, this narrow house with a wrap-around porch houses six junior residents. According to the current residents, interaction with alumni who have previously lived in the house indicated that the structure has always been well-loved.


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My Old House: 1316 Brown St.

3:53 PM  Mar 27th, 2017
by Danielle Damon '18

A 12-student house on Brown Street turned into Kappa Delta’s UD home last August. After the sorority became established on campus in 2013, Kappa Delta soon earned a temporary house on Stonemill Road. But as the Greek organization began flourishing, KD made 1316 Brown St., its official home. The newly renovated five-bedroom and one group bathroom house is roomy enough for 10 KD council members. The front door, however, is always open to its general chapter members.


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My Old House: 411 Lowes St.

11:35 AM  Jan 5th, 2017
by Danielle Damon ’18

A pale yellow house stands at the end of the 400 block of Lowes. Inside, lives two sets of sorority bigs and littles, and one honorary Theta Phi Alpha. The five senior residents are living together for the second year in a row, but this time, they each have their own room, and there are three bathrooms split among the group. The house is handicap accessible, but for now, it is used as a “student engagement” theme house that the housemates gained through the Special Interest Housing process.

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My Old House: 124 Evanston

12:03 AM  Apr 29th, 2016
by Lexie Digby '15

The newly renovated exterior of the three-bedroom, one-bathroom house built in 1909 has a mystery tomato plant in the spacious backyard, small doors that turn moving into a game of Tetris, and is filled with six junior residents who say that although they spend a decent amount of time cooking, Jimmy John’s drivers are their most frequent visitors.

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My Old House: 228 College Park

9:52 AM  Apr 26th, 2016
by Courtney Mocklow '17

228 College Park, conveniently close to both campus and Brown Street, boasts a bright blue exterior and a well-kept front lawn.

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My Old House: 339 Stonemill

2:16 PM  Mar 10th, 2016
by Grace Poppe '16

The residents of 339 Stonemill Road met during their first year, from both the rowing club and their shared floor in Marycrest. They grew closer during their second year in Virgina W. Kettering Residence Hall and their third year in Gardens next to Campus South—where they enjoyed wizarding-themed games and honing their cooking skills. Their senior year, they joked that they “just kinda picked up” their last housemate, though they have known him well for two years. All of the roommates are in the engineering school and plan to graduate in May 2017.

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My Old House: 101 Woodland

11:21 AM  Mar 8th, 2016
by Sarah Spech '16 Photos by Kristin Davis '18

101 Woodland has 6 girls, 3 bedrooms, 2 refrigerators, and a whole lot of heart.

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