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“We like the location much better than we thought,” said a resident of 912 Alberta. “It’s closer to campus.”

My Old House: 912 Alberta

1:54 PM  Apr 16th, 2013
by CC Hutten '15, photos by Mickey Shuey '14

“We like the location much better than we thought,” said a resident of 912 Alberta. “It’s closer to campus.”

“We call this our ‘indoor porch,’” said a resident. “It’s a house joke. We use it to take family pictures.”“The kitchen always gets really hot,” said a resident."We're pretty sure there's a ghost that haunts the kitchen and hallway," said a resident. "It's a little girl laughing...I think everyone's heard it by now!“We always talk about the fake brick wall,” said a resident. “And I think our ghost is in the hallway.”“We were told to saran wrap the fireplace to avoid bats,” said a resident. “It’s fake."“There’s always cold air in the shower, no matter how hot the water is,” said a resident.
Another said the fan is really loud. “It sounds like it’s going to take flight soon,” she said.“The stairs are a little squeaky,” said one resident."Everything in the house is pretty new, so there's nothing too 'janky,'" said a resident."My bedroom is slanted," said a resident. "The drawers never stay shut. It'll just inch open when we're just sitting and talking!"“We hang with our neighbors in the side yard a lot,” said a resident.

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