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7 Evanston and its porch play host to Taco Tuesdays and changes to watch and participate in sand volleyball with the RecPlex right across the street.

My Old House: 7 Evanston

9:51 AM  Aug 9th, 2013
by Megan Garrison '14, photos by Mickey Shuey '14

The residents of 7 Evanston have enjoyed their summer home, even if the basement is a tad bit creepy.

Read about the residents who lived there in 2007.

This hideaway bathroom, has a rather large bathroom window that residents say they feel a bit exposed with.Though the residents complain about the lack of room for storage upstairs, their rooms have lots of space.On display in the living area is their American pride. The flags also providing inexpensive curtains.The residents, being all boys, get rather hungry but their two fridges, well stocked keep them well fed.Another oddity, among many, of the house is that some of the light switches seem to be a bit crooked.The residents have had to tape a pool noodle to the base of the ceiling because they kept hitting their heads on their way down the stairs.

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