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My Old House: 515 Irving Ave.

1:59 PM  Sep 9th, 2011
by Meredith Hirt '13, photos by Christine Bates '12
The five junior girls living in this landlord house say that it’s like living in a glass house due to the abundance of big windows on all sides. This has led them to become very friendly with the neighbors.

Click the photo to take a tour of 515 Irving.

And read about the eight friends who rotated through the house from 1978-81 in My Old House in the University of Dayton Magazine.

6 Responses to My Old House: 515 Irving Ave.

  1. kathy omalley says:

    Wow love the story. The house looks beautiful and so does that lovely girl on the recliner. Miss you all!

  2. Mary Slater Sherman says:

    Loved the tour, and loved the story in the Quarterly. I lived at 515 1986-1987 and have tons of great memories. The mention of the short counters cracked me up; I had totally forgotten about that. Some of our favorite times were volleyball in the backyard, snowball fights (inside and out) with the guys at 525, and mostly just hanging out with friends, watching the world go by on Irving Avenue. Loved that house!

  3. Mary Pat says:

    Best house in the ghetto! I sat on the porch this summer for the first time in 30 years. Some things never change. Meredith, thanks so much for the article on us from 1978-1981 and the current pictures!

  4. hirtm1 says:

    The current residents are upholding the tradition of having a great time in 515! Mary Pat they loved hearing about the stories you and Maggie shared this summer.

  5. Loved living here with Kathy Fleming Beck, Sue Dovishaw Henry, Judy Goldschmidt, and Cindy Geiger in 1984!! Great to see the picture of Mary Pat.

  6. Your house looks very nice. Thanks for pictures.

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