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My Old House: 226 L Street

10:46 AM  Dec 27th, 2013
by CC Hutten '15

226 L St. was home to Lee Mason, Jim Yates, Pat Leneghan, Sean Connelly, Chris Petra, Doug DeRose and Jim Kniesse — sophomores in the Class of 1987 living in their first house after living in the first-year residence hall.

Near the student neighborhood but close to academic buildings, the house is in a prime location, both current and former residents agree.

The ’80s were an exciting time for the University of Dayton basketball team, recalls Mason, and celebrations would take place in what is now the P parking lot that backs up to the house.

“We used to set up grills behind all of the big fraternity and sorority houses,” Mason said. “The entire parking lot would be full of people. I still have cups from that party.”

Since then, the house has undergone a few changes. Mason said that whenever he visits campus, whether to see his daughter, Kelsey — a sophomore mechanical engineering major — or enjoy alumni events, he always tries to visit his past residences, including 226 L St.

“It actually used to be pretty rundown,” he said. “The carpet was bad, and it had an old kitchen — but we had a good experience there.”

One of the home’s quirks is its walk-in area separate from the living room. In spite of what Mason called its “awkward size and location,” the space provided Mason and his roommates plenty of opportunities.

“When we had dance parties in that little room in the front, there was a natural frequency,” he said. “The floor would actually pulse.”

From accidentally bringing in a couch full of fleas to riddling a wall with badly-aimed darts, Mason and his L Street roommates also balanced social hours, intramural sports and studying — making the most of their time at UD.

Take a visit through the house with today’s residents.

One Response to My Old House: 226 L Street

  1. Brittany Everett says:

    I actually lived in that house my senior year at UD (2006-2007)! It had been used as the ZTA house up until that year (that was the year the new ZTA house was built) so they completely redid the inside before myself and my 3 roommates moved in.
    We lived next door to two houses full of engineers (all friends) and they helped us put a sliding door on the second living room off the porch so we each had our own room. I had the room facing the neighbor’s house and the guys would often shoot spring loaded bb guns into the window at me while I was studying (they never actually hit me but I constantly found small pellets all over my room!) My roommate that had the room at the top of the step actually found out that there was a vent linking our bedrooms that we could yell through to one another if we were to lazy to get up and walk to the room next door.
    We had great neighbors all along that street and had the best time in that house. We even had a hammock on the front porch! Such good memories!!!

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