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My Old House: 204 Lawnview Ave.

1:25 PM  Dec 10th, 2015
by Ryan Wilker '16

Despite having to keep their windows open during a cold winter week, the residents of 204 Lawnview really enjoyed their time living in the student neighborhood, said Kathie Coates Buono ’83.

After not having any luck as sophomores through the housing assignment system, the roommates decided to pursue other options heading into their junior year. This led them to 204 Lawnview.

“We were the first students to live in the house,” Buono said.

The couple who lived in the house before them were UD graduates and had decided to move into another home but still wanted to keep the first house. This allowed Buono and her roommates to rent it.

“We loved the house because it had a great porch,” Buono said, noting that on the first Wednesday of each semester, she and her roommates would host a “Wild and Wonderful Wednesday” porch party.

The house also featured a garage, which Buono said was very unusual at the time. Also unusual was the housemates’ response to a mishap. One winter, smoke filled the house thanks to a distracted visitor whose cigarette got a bit too close to some pillows, causing them to smolder. The residents were forced to keep their windows open an entire week to air out the house. To stay warm, the roommates gathered around desk lamps in their rooms.

Although the winter months were cold, the residents decided to stay in the house for their senior year.

“UD is all about the people,” Buono said. “We had a lot of fun. The sense of community and being able to live in an area with so many students; we were always over at each other’s houses. We loved it. We didn’t talk about moving at all.”

Take a tour of this house with today’s residents.

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