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Art helping life

Before their final presentations, Intensive English Program students are given the opportunity to practice their skills outside of the classroom.…



Could holding a grudge lead to mental health issues? Alan Demmitt, associate professor in counselor education and human services, suggests…

Group picture Retreat 2014 cropped (1)

Live. Laugh. Love. Lalanne.

In early December, 18 current Lalanne teachers gathered from their communities in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana at the Bergamo Retreat…

141209  djc announces leaving presidency in june 2016  Burgess

The secret to success

After Dan Curran announced he would step down as president in June 2016 following a 14-year tenure, he met with…

Speaking Out

Speaking out

Students at UD are speaking out — in the name of community. On Wednesday morning, nearly 60 students, faculty and…

Photo by Michelle Friman '15

The mouths of babes

A college campus is always buzzing with chatter, but on Dec. 8, ours was alive with the sound of small…

Playing piano in Torch Lounge between exams by Larry Burgess

Make a joyful noise

Dallas DeBruin, first-year entrepreneurship major and campus minister for music, from Greenfield, Ohio, plays the Yamaha piano in Torch Lounge…

Lifting weights at RecPlex to relax after a final by Larry Burgess

Getting a burn on to unwind

Frank Giorgio, senior entrepreneurship major from Detroit, hoists some free weights in RecPlex to relax after taking a final today.…

Music students study for a percussion final during finals week by Larry Burgess  Burgess


Most of the time college students study for finals in a quiet room with a book, most of the time.…

Students study for finals in a hammock by Larry Burgess

Ruminating roost

Amid the comfort of nearly 50 degrees and the fresh air of an outdoor hammock, (from left) Savannah Keaney, junior,…

Study art during finals week at the Davis Center by Larry Burgess

Get ready like never before

Today is the first day of exam week. Here at the Davis Center in Miriam Hall, these students appear to…

American flag and polar bear on Stonemill Road by Larry Burgess

A bear in the breeze

Despite some sunlight, today may have seemed cold enough for polar bears, especially when a breeze blew as it did…

120 evanston 78

My Old House: 120 Evanston

It was a midwinter snowstorm that truly made 120 Evanston a rock-star house. But first, there was the porch-sit strategy.…


My Old House: 1518 Frericks Way

From patriotic flags to UD-themed coffee break furniture, the residents of 1518 Frericks know how to make their house a…

The residents say that 120 Evanston was recently renovated and painted – so the residents upgraded their sound system as well.

My Old House: 120 Evanston

The residents of 120 Evanston have wildly different majors and schedules, but they still make time to lose intramural baseball…

"We like that our porch sits on a hill. We're the kings of the castle, overlooking the whole street."

My Old House: 434 Lowes St.

The residents of 434 Lowes celebrate their last semester as the “kings of the castle” living on one of the…

The current residents boast a piece of outdoor furniture not many other students can claim: a porch swing. “It gives our porch some character,” one resident says.

My Old House: 221 Kiefaber St.

Location and size are the features that attracted this group of seniors to 221 Kiefaber. Take a look inside to…


My Old House: 434 Lowes St.

The average time for a student to live in the student neighborhood is one year. These spirited ladies of 434…

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Pitch perfect

The clock begins, a countdown of 60 seconds. Once the timer strikes zero, the audience in O’Leary Auditorium in Mariam…

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What’s in a name

The 2014 Native Peoples of the Americas Colloquium got off to a strong start with a passionate discussion about the…

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The miracle of paper

“’We continue to believe that books involve the ideas that turn us from isolated souls into a powerful community,’” said…

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Big gift, global good

At the announcement, there was a gasp from the crowd followed by a long ovation — sustained clapping for the…

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‘You sunk my battleship’

Students participated in a gaming classic Friday, Nov. 1, during an evening “Battleship” tournament at the RecPlex. But this isn’t…

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A Worldly Celebration

Walking into the 1 World Celebration at McGinnis Center was disorienting. The lights dimmed, the music loud, a line of…