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My Old House
Your old house, your history — and the memories today’s residents are making.
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Summer Intern Series: Dani Ondreka

For college students, summer planning and job searching typically means anxiety and confusion. But as soon as pre-physical therapy major…

The town of Sibiu, courtesy of Romaniatourism

ROTC cadet learns from teaching overseas

Like to travel? Join the Army! Cadet Michael Wagner ’17 has always loved to travel, and now the UD ROTC…

Mary McDonald

Catholic education: a family of families

Relationships surround us. From birth, we are in a constant relationship with God, as well as with each person we…

Kosovo map rom The World factbook

Senior studying peace heads to Kosovo

Jon Puricelli ’16 recalls playing soccer with Bosnian children when he was growing up. He didn’t know why the kids…

Ashley Campbell Soccer

UD’s Campbell cheers for Canada

At the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup match between the USA and Nigeria, many fans stood and cheered when Abby…


UD fighting to free today’s slaves

The chocolate you eat, the coffee you drink, even the tomatoes you buy can all support modern slavery — or…

Mother deer and two babies at 1700 by Larry Burgess

Queen of the forest and her court

It isn’t everyday when nature literally walks into your shot. But at the 1700 South Patterson Building this morning, while…

Parking space painting at 1700 by Larry Burgess

Repeating shapes

Quinn Anderson of RLS Services of Waynesville, Ohio, removes a handicap parking stencil from a freshly painted parking space in…


Steps to success

If you’re a UD student, you’re familiar with the typically crowded area by Marianist and Founders Hall. Today however, new…

Chapel outdoor lighting installed by Larry Burgess

Let there be lights

The first of several lamps to illuminate the chapel and walkway area at night is hoisted into place by workers…

Butterflies and coneflowers by Keller Hall by Larry Burgess

Three admirals in one frame

Three Red Admiral butterflies drink nectar from purple coneflowers growing beside Keller Hall. Remember, bees and butterflies help to pollinate…

New windows for Frericks Center gym by Larry Burgess

Different views, common goal

Four workers are in the upper bleachers area of the Frericks Center gym, working to install new windows there. Sometimes…

When the weather is nice, the residents enjoy time on the house’s spacious porch. Since the residents are 5th-year students, many of their friends have graduated. However, the residents host many recent alumni when they come back to visit campus. With two of the residents being engineers, the roommates enjoy building different things to use around the house.

My Old House: 204 Lawnview Ave.

The four residents of 204 Lawnview are fifth-year students completing their final days at the University of Dayton. Take a…

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 4.17.00 PM

My Old House: 225 Kiefaber St.

through the student neighborhood any time between 1989 and 1992, you could follow the sound of Mötley Crüe blaring from…

306 Stonemill

My Old House: 306 Stonemill

Having the eighth pick in the housing lottery, the four fifth-year students of 306 Stonemill call their house an “Alumni…

porch chat 1

My Old House: 413 Kiefaber St.

It’s a strange feeling to visit a house you once lived in, only to find a fraternity now occupying it.…

421 College Park

My Old House: 421 College Park

Despite seven different schedules, the residents come together once a week for community dinners and enjoy people-watching out their front…

120 evanston 78

My Old House: 120 Evanston

It was a midwinter snowstorm that truly made 120 Evanston a rock-star house. But first, there was the porch-sit strategy.…

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Leaving a legacy

When he was a student, Tom Schmitt ’01 was sitting on his Lawnview porch when alumni walked up, wanting to…

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One more chance

The “Road to the Final Four” starts in Dayton, and since the inception of the First Four in 2011, at…

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Pitch perfect

The clock begins, a countdown of 60 seconds. Once the timer strikes zero, the audience in O’Leary Auditorium in Mariam…

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What’s in a name

The 2014 Native Peoples of the Americas Colloquium got off to a strong start with a passionate discussion about the…

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The miracle of paper

“’We continue to believe that books involve the ideas that turn us from isolated souls into a powerful community,’” said…

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Big gift, global good

At the announcement, there was a gasp from the crowd followed by a long ovation — sustained clapping for the…