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Diwali 2

Lights. Camera. Learning.

Lights. Color. Celebration. This is what the Diwali: Festival of Lights is all about. In addition to setting off fireworks…

taste of italy photo

Secret sauce

It’s no secret that Italy is well known for its delicious cuisine. Thanks to Andria Chiodo, professor emerita of Italian,…

Summit attendees listen to a presentation on indoor composting with the help of worms.

Toward a greener future

After a week of events ranging from a solar cooking contest to a film screening of DamNation at ArtStreet, Sustainability…


UD meets NYC

Anything is possible in New York City — especially when visiting University of Dayton alumni. Over students’ mid-term break, Oct.…

Junior Mark Dues talks with visitors at the Proto preview event Oct. 23, 2014.

If you build it, he will print it

Junior Mark Dues handed the visitor a bust of a red devil. “You can see the detail,” he said, fingering…

Joel Salatin spoke Wednesday evening in Sears Recital Hall as part of Sustainability Week 2014.

A return to normal

When was the last time you felt close to the natural world? Do you remember the last time you smelled…

Tennis practice at Graul Tennis Complex by Larry Burgess

Good day to practice

Katie Shepherd, sophomore special education major from Columbus returns the ball to Lilly Iffert, sophomore marketing major from Indianapolis, and…

Sheet sign for Betapocalypse by Larry Burgess

Sign of the betapocalypse

Vinny Spahr, 5th year senior in civil engineering from Columbus, hangs a sheet sign promoting the Betapocalypse Zombie Run, planned…

Sample of chapel side windows on display in Chaminade Hall chapel by Larry Burgess

Window on the future

As chapel renovation continues, a sample section of the side windows of the chapel is on display in a window…

Dancing on Diwali near the Lennedy Union fountain by Larry Burgess

Dancing on Diwali

If passers-by thought they’d wandered into a music video by Kennedy Union Fountain shortly before 1:30 p.m. today, they would…

Student using a spectrometer in chemistry lab by Larry Burgess

Inner vision

Kevin Kluesener, senior medicinal chemistry major from Harrison, Ohio checks on an 8,000 degree K flame in an ICP-OES machine…

Dancing in the Kennedy Union fountain by Larry Burgess

Happy dance

Concerned that fallen leaves on the fountain drain by Kennedy Union would back up water and cause a flood, (from…

"We like that our porch sits on a hill. We're the kings of the castle, overlooking the whole street."

My Old House: 434 Lowes St.

The residents of 434 Lowes celebrate their last semester as the “kings of the castle” living on one of the…

The current residents boast a piece of outdoor furniture not many other students can claim: a porch swing. “It gives our porch some character,” one resident says.

My Old House: 221 Kiefaber St.

Location and size are the features that attracted this group of seniors to 221 Kiefaber. Take a look inside to…


My Old House: 434 Lowes St.

The average time for a student to live in the student neighborhood is one year. These spirited ladies of 434…


My Old House: 118 Stonemill Road

It was all fun and games until someone stole their porch swing. Then, the 1987-88 residents of 418 Stonemill declared…


My Old House: 118 Stonemill Road

Six men spent the 2013-14 academic year living at 118 Stonemill, a Fellow house. The residence came complete with a…

MOH 118 Lawnview illustration

My Old House: 118 Lawnview Ave.

“Trash Jenga.” That’s what you could find seniors Danny Braner, Matt DeSapri, Andrew Gibson, Dan Hawks, Mike Molnar and Matt…

YouTube Preview Image

The miracle of paper

“’We continue to believe that books involve the ideas that turn us from isolated souls into a powerful community,’” said…

YouTube Preview Image

Big gift, global good

At the announcement, there was a gasp from the crowd followed by a long ovation — sustained clapping for the…

YouTube Preview Image

‘You sunk my battleship’

Students participated in a gaming classic Friday, Nov. 1, during an evening “Battleship” tournament at the RecPlex. But this isn’t…

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A Worldly Celebration

Walking into the 1 World Celebration at McGinnis Center was disorienting. The lights dimmed, the music loud, a line of…

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A boy and his bicycle

He was half the size of the other bicyclists but on twice as many wheels. Three-year-old Eli Joseph joined Team…

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Day in the Life: Behind all those stories

How long does it take a UD communications student writer to be a story, rather than just writing the stories…