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Special moment

9:51 AM  Feb 1st, 2013
by Michelle Tedford

The T-shirts were gone in 15 minutes, but the joy of “I Love UD” month is just getting started. Take a look in on this week’s kickoff event and visit the “I Love UD” web site for contests, challenges and even more love.

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  • sherman hall pendulum by Larry Burgess
  • Student practices tuba in CPC by Larry Burgess
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  • adaptive physical education students in wheelchairs by Larry Burgess
  • Father Joe Kozar teaching at the Chaminade statue by Larry Burgess
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  • student vigil
  • Moving in to dorms by Larry Burgess
  • facilities workers remove leaves by Larry Burgess
  • autumn leaves
  • _MG_6162 copy
  • singing in the music room at art street by Larry Burgess
  • traffic light in wind at stewart and zehler by Larry Burgess
  • playing chess by Larry Burgess
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