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The University of Dayton orchestra performed at Cathedral San Juan Bautista during their trip to Puerto Rico in October.

Orchestra’s trip hits the high note

2:13 PM  Nov 1st, 2013
by CC Hutten '15, photo contributed by Patrick Reynolds

Six performances in five days. The University of Dayton orchestra was exhausted but enlivened by their trip to Puerto Rico in October.

Associate professor and conductor Patrick Reynolds said every concert had a full house and lively, engaged audience.

“The concerts were literally out of this world,” said junior communications major and violinist Kayla Mueller. “A lot of the schools in Puerto Rico don’t have an orchestra, so the students were intrigued by UD’s orchestra. They were whistling and clapping even before we started,” she said. “They loved it. We felt very appreciated.”

At the alumni event, Mueller said the audience was so attentive that you could have heard a pin drop.

“Students at the schools we played with are so talented and passionate,” Mueller said. “There was a point when I was crying playing a song in the conservatory. Acoustics in that auditorium. Such an honor to play at. It was unreal. “

Reynolds and orchestra members agree that the group played better than they ever have before, and that the group’s sound is now more cohesive.

“We grew closer together as friends and musicians,” Mueller said. “The orchestra sounds more like an orchestra should be. Now I’m even more excited to practice every week. No just to play, but to see my friends.”

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