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UD Chapel spring 2014, photo by Ian Moran

Lyrical faith

11:19 PM  Apr 28th, 2014
by CC Hutten '15

“Love; it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free. Be more like the man you were made to be.”

Popular folk band Mumford & Sons croons lyrics of its song, “Sigh No More,” which hold true to many beliefs — but UD added its own Marianist spin this Lent with its musical students and a visiting speaker.

This spring, campus ministry graduate assistants Nick Cardilino and Paul Riffon and Marycrest graduate assistant Scott Paeplow started a band alongside a few other students with the intention of bringing students a new way to pray.

The band plays covers of the secular yet soulful Mumford & Sons, and then reflects on the lyrics in order to bring a deeper meaning to them and the students’ faith lives.

Ironically, speaker the Rev. Steve Stockman was already on tour nearby with a similar idea in mind. Stockman was invited to UD by campus minister Kelly Adamson to deliver part of his spiritual musical series, “The Gospel According to Mumford & Sons.”

“He was a character, a real jokester, which he brought into his reflections on Mumford tunes,” Cardilino said. “He did an amazing job of looking at overarching thematic elements in various Mumford songs and stringing them together to create mini-sermons.”

At this March event, six songs were played and reflected. Stockman explained lyrics in a way that blurred the line between religious and secular worlds; he encouraged the faith side of the spiritual battle. The two sides should not be divided, and Stockman used lyrics of Mumford & Sons to illustrate that all people share struggles, and God can be found in them.

“He said that instead of focusing on religious differences, people must come together under the same banner with a common enemy: secularization,” Cardilino said.

Cardilino said that Stockman’s approach was down-to-earth and approachable, and that the event was met with high attendance and reviews.

“Not only do we plan on continuing with these events, but we hope to expand to new venues and get some more songs under our belt,” he said. “We hope to make these events available to students who may just come because they enjoy good music, but walk away with a deeper understanding of their faith.”

Visit the Rev. Stockman’s website at stocki.typepad.com and stay up to date with Campus Ministry at udayton.edu/ministry.

One Response to Lyrical faith

  1. Jaymie says:

    I agree. Religion just give separation to people with same goal. Undeniably that’s a great song.

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