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Snapshots for September 2005


  • gymnast performing a flip
  • 042209tshirt
  • Students walk to campus on increasingly shorter days with longer shandows.
  • Three people sitting in the gazebo by Larry Burgess
  • Construction Roesch Library roof work by Larry Burgess.
  • man using a metal cutting grinder during roesch library construction by Larry Burgess
  • Better gas lines installed.
  • 101210wsoccer
  • Jump at the opportunity
  • tenor sax band practice
  • stained glass window
  • Christmas on Campus Kick off_43 copy
  • caldwell housing construction by Larry Burgess
  • 051109dragons
  • fraternity bike-a-thon at ku by Larry Burgess
  • football player
  • balloons
  • Flowers fighting mid-July heat.