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Snapshots for March 2006

032806whine 032306sketch 032306bird 031606stairs 031606shadow 031406marygarden 030906yellow 030706Voinovich 030106ashw

  • car with window message about freshman move-in by Larry Burgess
  • Sprinklers during a class change by Stephanie Lefeld '13
  • 060206LibertyHall
  • 120205tunnel
  • LTC worker with computer fireplace beside him on a really cold dayby Larry Burgess
  • Garrett Loiselle's memorial leaf
  • 120810CoCCentralMall
  • christmas on campus tee shirt sale by Larry Burgess
  • Bombeck workshop banners installed in KU Plaza by Larry Burgess
  • bus on Stewart St. bridge
  • lifting weights at rec plex by Larry Burgess
  • five students on college park front porch by Larry Burgess
  • Weather station in D Lot by Larry Burgess
  • 101609RecPlex
  • 051906raccoon
  • snow on Stuart hill
  • 020106Sherman