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Snapshots for September 2006

Cubby the puppy Miriam Hall pigeons on St. Joe's dome demolishing Ballard study time at the Galley smiley face rock mailboxes on a Brown St. apartment leading the blind(folded)

  • Herb Martin reads a transcript of the MLK audiotape when he spoke here November 29, 1964 at UD Fieldhouse by Larry Burgess
  • music student plays guitar by Larry Burgess
  • roesch library colonnade construction by Larry Burgess
  • br. dan klco in the garden by Adrienne Lowry
  • 061506SHNU
  • Two students talk face to face over the roof of a car by Larry Burgess
  • giant cookie in central mall by Larry Burgess
  • 121405Roeschstudy
  • fall trees
  • Garrett Loiselle's memorial leaf
  • caldwell street apartments get color by Stephanie Lefeld '13
  • Robin lands on stone in Serenity Pines fountain by Larry Burgess
  • 111210cocsignups
  • blue beta fish
  • christmas on campus nativity by Larry Burgess
  • 042209tulipb
  • Unpacking and pricing books for the new school year by Larry Burgess
  • Students wind their way through the pathways of the Central Mall between classes. by Stephanie Lefeld ’13