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Snapshots for November 2006

student reading in the Hangar dancers celebrate Black Catholic History month blue beta fish sunset over the College Park Center wind tunnel free hug day reflection of Miriam in a puddle

  • Abby Bush plays basketball in RecPlex by Grace Poppe
  • American flag, Stonemill Road, UD Ghetto, Ethan Klosterman, porch
  • snow-covered Christmas tree lights
  • Two guys on ellipticals at RecPlex by Stephanie Lefeld
  • Chapel church pews delivered by Larry Burgess
  • Students walk through a pop-up rain shower on campus by Larry Burgess
  • Human Rights Week 2006
  • Rare book display is assembled
  • kl radio antenna is removed by Larry Burgess
  • big number five in electric lights Christmas decoration by Larry Burgess
  • PHOTO 101
  • washing main entrance windows at hm by Larry Burgess
  • autumn leaves and berries
  • Coil winding in Innovation Center by Zoey Xia
  • Icy day by Frank Pauer
  • Students working in a biology lab by Larry Burgess
  • ballet class
  • Chess game at OMA by Larry Burgess