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Snapshots for January 2007

University Place windtunnel Wohlleben Hall welders reflection of Rike Center snow on ground student on laptop RecPlex clock

  • Chapel construction continues on the roof by Larry Burgess
  • campaign signs
  • bee
  • Roof replacement work continues on Roesch Library by Larry Burgess
  • sheet sign on Lowes
  • Construction workers departed Founders Hall on Friday, June 21 after a solid week's work on renovations to the building. They'll start up again Monday morning.
  • thermometer in the sun in the summer by Larry Burgess
  • Music practice with the double bass by Larry Burgess
  • Rec Plex Outdoor Volleyball
  • 070909pavers
  • Siding a house at 457 Lowes by Larry Burgess
  • wreaths on the chapel doors
  • A yellow jacket gathers nectar and pollen by Larry Burgess
  • chapel
  • Abandoned bird's nest at 1700 River Campys by Larry Burgess
  • Tree trimming in Roesch Library Lobby by Larry Burgess
  • Robin lands on stone in Serenity Pines fountain by Larry Burgess
  • reflection of Rike Center