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Snapshots for May 2007

DECA graduation lights on the College Park Center Michael Massa '07 stealing a base squirrel

  • Squirrel in a tree eating an apple by Larry Burgess
  • student reading in the Hangar
  • class outside
  • Golden Flyers '58
  • ROTC Rappelling
  • washing main entrance windows at hm by Larry Burgess
  • 081109construction
  • birds on power lines
  • 082010band
  • 010510backtoclassb
  • student on couch
  • Sprinklers during a class change by Stephanie Lefeld '13
  • Summer Schneider, a senior biology major from Columbus, Ohio, spends the afternoon of Friday, July 12 studying chemistry and sunning in front of her house on Kiefaber Street. The weather was perfect, as the area had mostly clear skies and temperatures in the upper 70s.
  • poster sale at ud bokstore by Larry Burgess
  • Albert Emanuel Hall
  • American flag
  • 031606stairs
  • two students boarding career fair bus by Larry Burgess