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Snapshots for May 2007

DECA graduation lights on the College Park Center Michael Massa '07 stealing a base squirrel

  • 1700 entrance by Larry Burgess
  • 050406NanjingU
  • DECA graduates
  • Ash Wednesday
  • 033010baseballb
  • 030706Voinovich
  • 052410chapelb
  • Clearing leaves on Baujan Field by Larry Burgess
  • 110305stjoe
  • 020910moresnow
  • American flags installed on Central Mall for 9-11 observance by Larry Burgess
  • Cattails by ArtStreet by Larry Burgess
  • fire extinguisher training for resident assistants by Larry Burgess
  • bridge building contest
  • Engineering students work on child's toy by Larry Burgess
  • Roesch Library UDayton
  • wind tunnel
  • St. Joseph statue is installed in front of Kettering Labs.