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Snapshots for May 2007

DECA graduation lights on the College Park Center Michael Massa '07 stealing a base squirrel

  • candlelight procession
  • flowers in front of Marianist Hall
  • checking fire hydrant water purity at Brown and L Streets by Larry Burgess
  • 111210cocsignups
  • campus south chairs going to student neighborhood houses by Larry Burgess
  • Students working in a biology lab by Larry Burgess
  • big number five in electric lights Christmas decoration by Larry Burgess
  • Robin sunning itself in a tree along Frericks Way by Larry Burgess
  • Pi Day
  • worker installing new siding on a house by Larry Burgess
  • Flowers fighting mid-July heat.
  • 012406squirrel
  • honor code pinning
  • giant cookie in central mall by Larry Burgess
  • fiberoptic mary in b lot puddle by Larry Burgess
  • snow-covered Christmas tree lights
  • Mother and daughter walking the dog on campus by Larry Burgess
  • jamming on the porch.