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Snapshots for May 2007

DECA graduation lights on the College Park Center Michael Massa '07 stealing a base squirrel

  • Students walk to class behind a curtain of sprinkler spray by Larry Burgess
  • Rock the Vote concert
  • 120709snowycampus
  • Power washing Rike Center by Larry Burgess
  • Reunion weekend porch party tent assembly by Larry Burgess
  • 051906eyebrows
  • Marycrest chapel
  • 100710crosses
  • 040111risebloomberg
  • Chaminade Hall chapel construction by Larry Burgess
  • Rainy class change near Kettering Labs by Larry Burgess
  • red and green leaves
  • Leaf roundup by Garden Apartments on Stewart Street by Larry Burgess
  • jack o'lantern
  • Abby Bush plays basketball in RecPlex by Grace Poppe
  • clay pillars
  • 051409robin
  • Drum class in music department by Larry Burgess