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Snapshots for May 2007

DECA graduation lights on the College Park Center Michael Massa '07 stealing a base squirrel

  • Two students talk face to face over the roof of a car by Larry Burgess
  • law school potluck Thanksgiving dinner
  • Rain-filled Evanston Ave. and a tour group by Larry Burgess
  • flyer spirit store beat xavier sign and people by Larry Burgess
  • pink flowers and fiber optic mary sculpture on miriam hall by Larry Burgess
  • Chapel banner on south side construction fence by Larry Burgess
  • C2C sheet sign making in fall by Larry Burgess
  • 051309dog
  • 20120730-UDPR-EJK-6403-UDQ
  • DSC_0591 (1)
  • Curtis Barnes' painting
  • Christmas tree in front of Humanities
  • Planting vincas at AE Hall by Larry Burgess
  • Making sprinklers ready for winter by Larry Burgess
  • Moving out art by Larry Burgess
  • 7.16 copy
  • student tour
  • tulips