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Snapshots for April 2008

carrying lots of books studying senior shirts class outside sand volleyball Magnolia tree game of catch class outside

  • Tim Wabler speaks to the press during the rollout of the new logo on Blackburn Court at UD Arena.
  • 101004 fireextinguishertraining Burgess
  • 010510backtoclassb
  • papier-mache head in cpc art studio by Larry Burgess
  • 121505snow
  • halfway to Daytona can drive
  • Doctor Matt Heiner of UD's Counseling Center by Larry Burgess
  • eating ice cream
  • Michael Massa '07 stealing a base
  • 1700 entrance by Larry Burgess
  • 081109squirrel
  • 041509Celebration
  • student on couch
  • Wohlleben Hall
  • snow covered window
  • 080410lightning
  • Papal Mass 3-14-13
  • Mowing at Caldwell Street Apartments by Larry Burgess