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Snapshots for April 2008

carrying lots of books studying senior shirts class outside sand volleyball Magnolia tree game of catch class outside

  • two canada geese at 1700 in the lagoon by Larry Burgess
  • Admissions interactive floor by Larry Burgess
  • grilling
  • Residential properties student workers move furniture by Larry Burgess
  • Curtis Barnes' painting
  • pins on a map
  • 121310blowingsnowb
  • bow ties for breast cancer by Larry Burgess
  • alums kids play in fountain by ku by Larry Burgess
  • RexPlex exterior
  • sprinkler
  • stagecraft at boll theater by Larry Burgess
  • Cactus flower in bloom by Roesch Library by Larry Burgess
  • 120205tunnel
  • New first floor windows are installed at roesch library in the gallery area by Larry Burgess
  • 041306magnolia
  • Pre chapel construction survey work by Larry Burgess
  • 113010scharrer