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Snapshots for May 2008

DECA graduates bee construction on Roesch Library path kite Shane Thomas Morse '08

  • Study feature in CHaminade Hall with solar system visual aids by Larry Burgess
  • University of Dayton sign
  • Mother and daughter walking the dog on campus by Larry Burgess
  • kl radio antenna is removed by Larry Burgess
  • checking fire hydrant water purity at Brown and L Streets by Larry Burgess
  • A Red-tailed Hawk over the Central Mall by Larry Burgess
  • 121505snow
  • University Place on Brown Street near Flyer Spirit is painted by Larry Burgess
  • 113010scharrer
  • 7.16 copy
  • squirrel eating bacon in the spring by Larry Burgess
  • Shooting hoops at outdoor recplex court by Larry Burgess
  • students dressed in jackets walk past flowers.
  • mopping the stage at boll theater by Larry Burgess
  • University of Dayton by Perfect Perspectives
  • Argentins high school students graduate from IEP by Larry Burgess
  • Chapel outdoor lighting installed by Larry Burgess
  • U-Mass vs LaSalle at Baujan Field A-10 Women's Soccer Champsioship by Larry Burgess