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Snapshots for May 2008

DECA graduates bee construction on Roesch Library path kite Shane Thomas Morse '08

  • decorating for Christmas on Campus
  • 113010simulator
  • 071509bluesky
  • honor code pinning
  • The Mountain #2
  • Pumpkin framed in bicycle spokes by Larry Burgess
  • squirrel eating a baked good in a tree in a snow storm by rosch library by Larry Burgess
  • 040810sgab
  • lights on the College Park Center
  • Cafe Operetta rehearsal
  • student and dog in central mall by Larry Burgess
  • 020106Sherman
  • nelson-quickly
  • volleyball in south student neighborhood by Larry Burgess
  • nativity yard banner outside alumni hall by Larry Burgess
  • cleaning houses on Founders Hall
  • Summer volleyball by Larry Burgess
  • fire extinguisher training for resident assistants by Larry Burgess