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Snapshots for May 2008

DECA graduates bee construction on Roesch Library path kite Shane Thomas Morse '08

  • student in silhouette walks through SM annex by Larry Burgess
  • umbrellas, raindrops and plant leaves
  • gymnast performing a flip
  • 070909pavers
  • 082010band
  • 020106Sherman
  • Bombeck workshop banners installed in KU Plaza by Larry Burgess
  • Two students talk face to face over the roof of a car by Larry Burgess
  • 061506SHNU
  • power washing science center in summer by Larry Burgess
  • A yellow jacket gathers nectar and pollen by Larry Burgess
  • washing main entrance windows at hm by Larry Burgess
  • The last bricks of Frank Z fall as the block of Brown Street is cleared for new student apartments. See more photos of the demolition, plus renderings of what's to come here. by Larry Burgess
  • student on couch
  • 120814  Caldwell Apartments  Shuey
  • 101210wsoccer
  • 021109thomas
  • Anatomy lab identifying parts of the heart by Larry Burgess