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Snapshots for May 2008

DECA graduates bee construction on Roesch Library path kite Shane Thomas Morse '08

  • tulips
  • checking fire hydrant water purity at Brown and L Streets by Larry Burgess
  • 11-9-11 by Matthew Dewald
  • Jump at the opportunity
  • welcome sign at artstreet by Larry Burgess
  • St. Patrick's Day Pizza Making.
  • Civil Engineering Summer Session
  • Workers load a vestments locker into a van during chapel renovation by Larry Burgess
  • pigeons on St. Joe's dome
  • mulching central mall by Larry Burgess
  • Doctor Matt Heiner of UD's Counseling Center by Larry Burgess
  • 120709snowycampus
  • 042606cardinal
  • fr fitz blesses chaminade statue in spring by Larry Burgess
  • 022306statue
  • Skip and Wanda Royer at Welcome Stadium for UD football by Larry Burgess
  • Tim Wabler speaks to the press during the rollout of the new logo on Blackburn Court at UD Arena.
  • office of multricultural affairs summer cook-out2