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Snapshots for July 2008

eating ice cream bridge building contest Institute for Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensor Technology St. Joseph Hall American flag

  • House siding installed by Larry Burgess
  • 031606shadow
  • St. Joseph Hall
  • Mum's by KU during a class change by Larry Burgess
  • Heat waves on Brown St. by Larry Burgess
  • 010509artb
  • Chapel dome reflects in Caldwell Apartments stairwell window by Larry Burgess
  • mass
  • hologram by jud yalkut in artstreet by Larry Burgess
  • Photo by Larry Burgess
  • brachiopod fossil in ku stone wall by Larry Burgess
  • 021109searcy
  • fire extinguisher training for resident assistants by Larry Burgess
  • inflatable pool
  • Duct tape a professor to the wall by Stephanie Lefeld '13
  • 111605wood
  • thermometer in the sun in the summer by Larry Burgess
  • fish tank by Larry Burgess