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Snapshots for September 2008

sheet signs in the Darkside fallen tree grilling sprinkler sheet sign on Lowes class change

  • sunny day on campus
  • washing main entrance windows at hm by Larry Burgess
  • Clearing leaves on Baujan Field by Larry Burgess
  • RexPlex exterior
  • man painting railing at student duplex by Larry Burgess
  • chili cook-off
  • 121609humanities
  • Construction workers departed Founders Hall on Friday, June 21 after a solid week's work on renovations to the building. They'll start up again Monday morning.
  • A yellow jacket gathers nectar and pollen by Larry Burgess
  • 040606family
  • People walking in the rain on campus by Larry Burgess
  • christmas lights for hm plaza tree by Larry Burgess
  • Smash Bash table in Kennedy Union Lobby by Zoey Xia
  • Thankful Thursday by Larry Burgess
  • Ray Olfky at Pump & Run 5k by Jed Gerlach
  • organization day by Larry Burgess
  • Fall Flowers copy
  • campus tour in university circle area by Larry Burgess