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Snapshots for September 2008

sheet signs in the Darkside fallen tree grilling sprinkler sheet sign on Lowes class change

  • fall trees in front of St. Joe's
  • Book drive by Sigma Tau Delta in Central Mall by Larry Burgess
  • Magnolia trees and a class change by Larry Burgess
  • Sunny days that make you miss college
  • science center pendulum and blue sky by Larry Burgess
  • alumni hall cross painter in the summer by Larry Burgess
  • Squirrel outside of St. Joseph Hall
  • big number five in electric lights Christmas decoration by Larry Burgess
  • paver work at roesch library by Larry Burgess
  • Making sprinklers ready for winter by Larry Burgess
  • Duct tape a professor to the wall by Stephanie Lefeld '13
  • hawk on rooftop by Larry Burgess
  • student vigil
  • goose on St Mary's Hall
  • 012009inauguration
  • snow covered window
  • welders
  • Campus overview by Larry Burgess