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Snapshots for September 2008

sheet signs in the Darkside fallen tree grilling sprinkler sheet sign on Lowes class change

  • ice on statue
  • Construction workers departed Founders Hall on Friday, June 21 after a solid week's work on renovations to the building. They'll start up again Monday morning.
  • Push-uyps on front porch by Larry Burgess
  • Installing Marianist heriotage banners by Larry Burgess
  • 030106ashw
  • workers paint -10 logo on Baujan FIeld for men's soccer tournament by Larry Burgess
  • adaptive physical education students in wheelchairs by Larry Burgess
  • Practice Makes Perfect.
  • Colorful yard banner welcomes resident back by Larry Burgess
  • Institute for Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensor Technology
  • 101210wsoccer
  • Wearing of the Kilt.
  • brachiopod fossil in ku stone wall by Larry Burgess
  • conga line of chairs in miriam hall by Larry Burgess
  • 042606cardinal
  • 091609wsoccer
  • facilities workers remove leaves by Larry Burgess
  • 052410robinb