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Snapshots for January 2009

Frosty The Flyer Snowperson 012709path 012709table 012609gamelan 012609gong 012009inauguration 010809snowyb 010809snowb 010509artb

  • House siding installed by Larry Burgess
  • live nativity scene
  • snare drum line by Larry Burgess
  • 060606hare
  • Calm before the warm
  • 012009inauguration
  • Gerber daisies near caldwell street entrance sign by Larry Burgess
  • stone masons build chaminade statue base by Larry Burgess
  • 101004 fireextinguishertraining Burgess
  • New metal tree installed at Serenity Pines by Larry Burgess
  • hologram by jud yalkut in artstreet by Larry Burgess
  • 042706MiriamHall
  • Practice Makes Perfect.
  • painting student in visual arts studio by Sarah Friese
  • smiley face rock
  • 300 college park sign in the snow by Larry Burgess
  • Four on a swing by KU fountain by Larry Burgess
  • nelson-quickly