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Snapshots for February 2009

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  • 012011chaminade
  • Up, up and away
  • Construction of a new house in the 400 block of Lowes by Larry Burgess
  • Student Hanging Work Up
  • frozen tree branches
  • A yellow jacket gathers nectar and pollen by Larry Burgess
  • jack o'lantern
  • facilities workers remove leaves by Larry Burgess
  • kite
  • student plays guitar on front porch by Larry Burgess
  • Artstreet Food station
  • reflection of Miriam in a puddle
  • fall leaves
  • 120709snowycampus
  • Immaculate Conception Chapel through fish-eye by Stephanie Lefeld '13
  • Filming Rudy Flyer on Albert Emanuel Hall front yard by Larry Burgess
  • Setting up tables for Culture Fest in Central Mall by Larry Burgess
  • roesch library colonnade construction by Larry Burgess