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Snapshots for February 2009

022609ashwednesday 022609ashwednesday2 021909marchforlife 021709photolab 021109redscare 021109searcy 021109thomas

  • snare drum line by Larry Burgess
  • 012406squirrel
  • 041206ball
  • 032306sketch
  • Icecream Cone Catch.
  • renewing wedding vows
  • Spring snow by Larry Burgess 3-25-13
  • 101609leafb
  • Barombi children
  • 082610firstweek
  • study time at the Galley
  • chapel window worker by Larry Burgess
  • 100110StuartHall
  • sheet sign on Lowes
  • Kettering sculpture by Larry Burgess
  • icicles hanging from a house's drainpipe
  • two canada geese at 1700 in the lagoon by Larry Burgess
  • 120810CoCsing