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Snapshots for July 2009

Campus Crusade For Christ. 071609olympics 071609rabbit 071509bluesky 070909pavers Better gas lines installed.

  • American flag and polar bear on Stonemill Road by Larry Burgess
  • Biology lab learning about spinal vertebra by Larry Burgess
  • chili cook-off
  • historic-looking street lights are installed along brown street by Larry Burgess
  • 012609gong
  • Pressure washing front porches before painting them by Larry Burgess
  • Bulletin Board
  • 092809chapel
  • Wohlleben Hall
  • student and dog in central mall by Larry Burgess
  • students walking to class in the spring by Larry Burgess
  • sheet sign making for christmas on campus by Larry Burgess
  • Mike Kurtz flies the quad copter to record Arcade demolition by Larry Burgess
  • cornhole game
  • caldwell student housing by Larry Burgess
  • tenor sax band practice
  • Moving a hospital gurney for UD Theater by Larry Burgess
  • Summer day camp in Central Mall by Larry Burgess