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Snapshots for December 2010

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  • Pumpkins at 629 Irving Ave. by Larry Burgess
  • smiling manhole cover by Larry Burgess
  • Christmas tree being carried by Larry Burgess
  • office of multricultural affairs summer cook-out2
  • _MG_2162 copy
  • 060509UW
  • grilling
  • 012709table
  • New first floor windows are installed at roesch library in the gallery area by Larry Burgess
  • 092609race
  • 032806whine
  • squirrel
  • soccer game on central mall by Larry Burgess
  • 083006Paxchristi
  • 121505snow
  • Squirrel eating snow by Larry Burgess
  • Window washing on the main doors of Kennedy Union by Larry Burgess