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Snapshots for December 2010

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  • 042409tour
  • "Sweet 16" T-shirts on sale at UD Bookstore by Larry Burgess
  • Student walks in rain wearing unused trash bag by Zoey Xia
  • Calm before the warm
  • Flyer Spirit customer and staff by Larry Burgess
  • Creating art from with tech by Larry Burgess
  • 8.5
  • Duet sings at ArtStreet by Larry Burgess
  • eas test on tv in ku by Larry Burgess
  • Making sprinklers ready for winter by Larry Burgess
  • snapshot 6.13
  • Father Fitz with St.John's Bible by Ian Moran
  • playing chess by Larry Burgess
  • putting Christmas wreaths on chapel doors by Larry Burgess
  • three pumpkins
  • purple flowers in the snow by Larry Burgess
  • 100610wsoccer
  • A rabbit eats clover in the front yard of the Frericks Center by Larry Burgess