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  • Jabir, on playing UConn, a hurricane force in any season: "We'll stick around & we'll give our best shot." Game 7pm Monday.
  • Jabir on seniors Malott & Hoover: "They both have a 3.6+ GPA. They are the kind of people you want your daughters to grow up to be like."
  • What Jabir said at half to calm the players: "I know the bird is red, but he has a yellow beak. & the only person with a bigger beak is me."
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Snapshots for December 2010

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  • Student practices tuba in CPC by Larry Burgess
  • 121609concentration
  • C2C sheet sign making in fall by Larry Burgess
  • Collecting water from Rubicon Creek by Larry Burgess
  • goose on St Mary's Hall
  • Chapel dome reflects in Caldwell Apartments stairwell window by Larry Burgess
  • lifting weights at rec plex by Larry Burgess
  • 092609race
  • Students working in the theater department's costume shop by Larry Burgess
  • 111005artstcafe
  • Transferring books from Roesch Library to CPC by Larry Burgess
  • Students Christmas decorating their porch by Larry Burgess
  • students shop in the fall outside ud bookstore by Larry Burgess
  • native blessing ceremony on central mall by Larry Burgess
  • Walking music stands along Brown Street by Larry Burgess
  • 032009plaza
  • power washing science center in summer by Larry Burgess
  • University of Dayton sign