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Snapshots for June 2011

KU Fountain by Larry Burgess Admissions interactive floor by Larry Burgess Campus tour by Larry Burgess Chipmunk praying by Larry Burgess Summer volleyball by Larry Burgess University of Dayton by Perfect Perspectives Up, up and away CPC flag on Flag Day by Larry Burgess Party Time Welcome Home, Alumni

  • Christopher Malloy White plays guitar in Central Mall by Larry Burgess
  • Christmas on Campus Kick off_43 copy
  • Construction workers departed Founders Hall on Friday, June 21 after a solid week's work on renovations to the building. They'll start up again Monday morning.
  • autumn leaves and berries
  • 010510backtoclassb
  • 060606roses
  • inflatable pool
  • br. dan klco in the garden by Adrienne Lowry
  • man carrying painting by Larry Burgess
  • dancers celebrate Black Catholic History month
  • Bulletin Board
  • Wohlleben Hall
  • 091609wsoccer
  • gymnast performing a flip
  • staple collection
  • On a blustery day in October, Rudy Flyer and an XU Musketeer battle it out in front of KU Plaza at the Red Scare table. The dramatic mascot scuffle spread excitement for the women's soccer and volleyball rivalry games this past weekend.
  • Cat by Keller Hall by Larry Burgess
  • Art Street Artist In Residence