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Snapshots for October 2011

Womens club soccer by Christine Bates Bulletin Board mens club volleyball by Christine Bates Student Hanging Work Up Goal by Ryan Lyn by Christine Bates C2C sheet sign making in fall by Larry Burgess Pumpkin patch by Christine Bates ’12 graul tennis court by Larry Burgess wading pool on porch by Larry Burgess Photo by Matthew Dewald 10-04-11

  • 022306statue
  • fr fitz blesses chaminade statue in spring by Larry Burgess
  • two students walk on a path in st. mary's front yard by Larry Burgess
  • renewing wedding vows
  • poster sale at ud bokstore by Larry Burgess
  • bowling at ku by Larry Burgess
  • 120709snowycampus
  • 121310snow
  • 010710snowstudent
  • 040111risewalton
  • soccer feature on stuart field by Larry Burgess
  • 091009Rudy
  • Making sprinklers ready for winter by Larry Burgess
  • ud grounds worker uses leaf blower by Larry Burgess
  • pigeons on St. Joe's dome
  • 030106ashw
  • 101609leafb
  • Frosty The Flyer Snowperson