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Snapshots for May 2013

trombone player at artstreet by Larry Burgess two canada geese at 1700 in the lagoon by Larry Burgess kl radio antenna is removed by Larry Burgess New first floor windows are installed at roesch library in the gallery area by Larry Burgess andy robillard and dog allie ride through ku plaza by Larry Burgess br. dan klco in the garden by Adrienne Lowry

  • man carrying painting by Larry Burgess
  • alums kids play in fountain by ku by Larry Burgess
  • Students walk to campus on increasingly shorter days with longer shandows.
  • Jump at the opportunity
  • 062906creche
  • 110909RecPlex
  • lights on the College Park Center
  • Construction at Cronen Athletics Center by Larry Burgess
  • St. Joseph Hall
  • Icy day by Frank Pauer
  • crocus
  • Celtic Music Workshop
  • snow on Stuart hill
  • Students playing racquetball at RecPlex by Larry Burgess
  • Christmas tree being carried by Larry Burgess
  • grilling
  • wreaths on the chapel doors
  • Frosty The Flyer Snowperson