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10:25 AM  Jul 13th, 2012


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  • Three people sitting in the gazebo by Larry Burgess
  • 090109firstday
  • Sept. 11th memorial
  • person in cow suit in spring by Larry Burgess
  • facilities grounds grass cutting workers at stop sign at lowes and evanston by Larry Burgess
  • Human Rights Week concert
  • volleyball in south student neighborhood by Larry Burgess
  • Two robins in  a tree by Chaminade Hall by Larry Burgess
  • soccer feature on stuart field by Larry Burgess
  • Air Camp Water Rescue by Stephanie Lefeld '13
  • Students viewed "God... Steel and a Wasted Dream," an exhibition by sculpture professors and twin brothers Kyle and Kelly Phelps that opened in Rike Gallery today. The show runs through March 2. by Larry Burgess
  • students using drawing studio at CPC in Visual Arts Department by Larry Burgess
  • student working in visual arts education class by Larry Burgess
  • Students line up for tickets to see the play "Wicked" by Larry Burgess
  • two students study in torch lounge by Larry Burgess
  • students in inflatable pool
  • Ultimate Frisbee by Stephanie Lefeld '13
  • Setting up tables for Culture Fest in Central Mall by Larry Burgess