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John Rapp

Remembering John E. Rapp

John Rapp, longtime professor emeritus of economics, passed away at his home Saturday, July 26, after a two-year battle with…

UD land where Emerson Climate Technologies will build its innovation center on 5 acres of UD land. (near Stewart and Main streets)

Sprouting innovation

On a patch of bright green grass, innovation is again sprouting. And it’s drawing a crowd. Leaders from throughout the…

Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

Taking leave

They filled nearly every seat inside, leaving few open spaces for the latecomers who entered the side doors and quietly…

Polzella CAS

Measuring memories

How is 42 years at the University of Dayton measured? Some might say piles of papers, stacks of books and…

Dr. Lorraine Ozar.

A lesson in education

The Center for Catholic Education hosted their third-annual Catholic Education Summit at River Campus on July 14. This event was…

Father Bert Buby books in English and Chinese copy shot for ud magazine.

A new look at Mary

Father Bertrand Buby, S.M., opened the newest version of his book, Mary of Galilee — Volume I: Mary in the…

Chapel banner on south side construction fence by Larry Burgess

In case you missed it

Just in case your travels through campus don’t take you near the south side of the chapel, there is a…

Faith and community banner on chapel construction fence by Larry Burgess

Faith and community

Morning sunlight streams through the trees illuminating a new banner on the chapel construction fence as seen from Albert Emanuel…

New sidewalk in the 200 block of Stonemill by Larry Burgess

By and by, solid pathways

With construction seemingly happening all over campus. And pedestrians wondering if they can walk from point A to point B…

Construction university circle by Larry Burgess

All in good time

A worker sprays water on some concrete that is part of the University Circle project in front of the chapel.…

Workers load a vestments locker into a van during chapel renovation by Larry Burgess

All together now

Workers load the priests’ vestments locker from the vestry into a storage van during chapel renovation. The vestry is a…

Chapel renovation saints window removal by Larry Burgess

Chapel renovation

Workers remove a stained glass window frame from the chancel of the chapel where images of four saints were depicted:…


My Old House: 118 Stonemill Road

It was all fun and games until someone stole their porch swing. Then, the 1987-88 residents of 418 Stonemill declared…


My Old House: 118 Stonemill Road

Six men spent the 2013-14 academic year living at 118 Stonemill, a Fellow house. The residence came complete with a…

MOH 118 Lawnview illustration

My Old House: 118 Lawnview Ave.

“Trash Jenga.” That’s what you could find seniors Danny Braner, Matt DeSapri, Andrew Gibson, Dan Hawks, Mike Molnar and Matt…

moh 226 l st

My Old House: 226 L Street

226 L St. was home to Lee Mason, Jim Yates, Pat Leneghan, Sean Connelly, Chris Petra, Doug DeRose and Jim…

The residents of 226 L St. love their porch and location close to campus – and have an inclination to decorate by subtle themes, from nautical to "Duck Dynasty."

My Old House: 226 L Street

The residents of 226 L St. love the location of their house — but they love decorating the inside of…

You might not see it here, but 452 Kiefaber is actually on a slant.

My Old House: 452 Kiefaber St.

The residents of 452 Kiefaber never have “a case of the Mondays.” Every Monday, the residents watch a musical or…

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‘You sunk my battleship’

Students participated in a gaming classic Friday, Nov. 1, during an evening “Battleship” tournament at the RecPlex. But this isn’t…

YouTube Preview Image

A Worldly Celebration

Walking into the 1 World Celebration at McGinnis Center was disorienting. The lights dimmed, the music loud, a line of…

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A boy and his bicycle

He was half the size of the other bicyclists but on twice as many wheels. Three-year-old Eli Joseph joined Team…

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Day in the Life: Behind all those stories

How long does it take a UD communications student writer to be a story, rather than just writing the stories…

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Day in the life: Senior does more than just study

A typical day as a University of Dayton student doesn’t always take place on campus. Senior Sean Fickert, a mechanical engineering…

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Day in the life: New twist on group projects

Group projects are dreaded and despised in most college-level courses, and students usually associate them with chaos, frustration, and a…