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Where in the world…

1:10 PM  Feb 2nd, 2006
by Jessica Gibson-James

I’m not sure how anyone got anywhere without Mapquest to tell you to turn left or right in exactly 1.3 miles. But Mapquest doesn’t work on campus. It can’t tell me how to get to Gosiger or Chaminade.

I am not afraid to ask for directions, but it’s difficult for someone to reply when you have few common reference points. I asked my boss how to get to Gosiger (which, unknowingly, I pronounced as Go-seeger, making her laugh for quite a while). She tells me to go past Marianist Hall and I’ll find it before I get to VWK. I then ask, where’s Marianist again? My boss tells me where I can find a campus map and wishes me luck.

I bravely head for the map but my eyes glaze over as I look at all the colored boxes and numbers. That’s OK, because if you want to get directions on campus all you have to do is stand and look at a map. Without fail someone will stop to ask if you need help and then will gladly point you in the right direction. I know because it’s happened to me three times.
UD deserves its reputation for its friendly campus.

I was able to repay the favor when a student stopped me and my husband to ask how to get to the registrar’s office. My husband pointed him to St. Mary Hall. It was nice to be able to help, but as he walked away, I had a sinking feeling. I asked my husband if he was sure the registrar’s office was in St. Mary’s. “Isn’t it?” he asked. Well, at least we were friendly even if we weren’t exactly right.

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